If you’re riding a horse that is liable to kick then it should wear a red ribbon in its tail and if you’re riding a young or inexperienced horse it should wear a green ribbon in its tail. Ribboned horses should be ridden safely and appropriately in the feild.

If you wish to attend a meet and you are not a member then it is normal to contact one of the Hon Secretaries prior to the meet to let them know you are intending to attend. If you are inexperienced at riding with the Drag please point the out during the conversation and they will be happy to pass on any relevant guidance.

If you are unable to contact one of the Hon Secretaries prior to arriving at the meet please introduce yourself to them at the meet and, again, if you are inexperienced then please point this out to them and they will provide you with guidance.

Children under 5yo should be on a lead rein.

Children who are to be on a lead rein with a responsible adult should be at a maximum ratio of 1:2 of adult to children.

Children off the lead rein who are being supervised by a responsible adult should be at a maximum ratio as decided by the adult depending on the experience of the children, the experience of the adult and the nature/experience of their mounts.

Children and young persons under the age of 18 who wish to attend unsupervised may do so but they should have a Pony Club C Test qualification or similar qualification or equivalent experience. Here is a link to the Pony Club C Test

There are meets that are specifically designed for children or inexperienced riders, the Newcomer’s/Children’s meets and the Lead Rein meets. Please contact one of the Hon Secretaries for details.

Although use of mobile phones are not encouraged while riding with the Draghunt, we advise you to bring one with you in case of emergency and have emergency contact details on your person.

We will endeavour to clear the lines of hazards prior to the meet but if you spot a hazard whilst riding like a hole, low hanging branch, stray wire or broken rail point it out clearly to the riders following you and pass it on to the other riders if it is pointed out to you.

You should wear clothing appropriate to the risks you are likely to encounter. This may be appropriate to cold and wet weather, jumping fences and riding at speed. You may want to consider a skullcap and/or a body protector meeting current standards.

If the Field Master feels you are a danger to yourself or others they may tell you to go home.

You are responsible for your own Health & Safety and that of those around you.

Obey instructions given by the Field Master.

Do not jump what you are not confident to jump.



Children should be supervised at all times.

ATV guidance is available here:

As general rules ATV users should consider not carrying passengers unless the vehicle is specifically designed to do so, driving on roads unless suitably licensed, wearing appropriate safety clothing and undergoing suitable training.

ATV users should not crowd horses or hounds and switch off the engine if they approach or seem distressed by your presence.


Hounds will be kept to one side at meets and should not be approached without the Huntsman’s permission.

If you see a stray hound whilst out Draghunting please let any Masters or Staff know.

If you find a hound who is stuck in brambles, or trapped in wire, do not approach them but let any Masters or Staff know.