Nick Quesnel – Chairman


Andrew van Oostrum – Joint Master

Andrew has been a Master for the Berks & Bucks since 2017 and brings 30 years of DragHound Pack experience with him. He owns an import business as well as running a small stud/livery yard and breeding working and show Hungarian Vizslas in his spare time.


James Mitchell – Joint Master

James joined the Mastership in 2017 and has previously Whipped In and Mastered for 20+ years with other DragHound Packs in the south.


Dave Lochman – Joint Master



Kate Honey – Joint Master

Kate has fearlessly Fieldmastered for the Berks and Bucks Draghounds since 2018. When not leading the field Kate is a successful professional eventer, competing up to 5* level and has ridden Badminton !


Darren Foxley – Hound Master

Darren has been a Master of the Border Counties DragHounds for the last six years and has kindly stepped in to manage the Berks & Bucks Black & Tan Hounds.


Toni Russell – Honorary Secretary

Toni has been riding with various packs across the South of England for 18 years. She is the manager of Heathlands Livery Yard and also manages to find time to compete her own and clients horses to a high level in Showjumping, Eventing and Dressage. Not to mention Team Chasing and Scurry Races, recently finishing 7th in the legendary Golden Button Challenge !



Richard Spanswick – HoundFather

Richard has been looking after and out for our Hounds for thirty years. If you want to find him at a meet, find the Hounds and he’ll be in the middle of them !


Tyrone Battle and Sam Smith – Quad Drivers/Scent Laying

Tyrone & Sam ensure the scent is laid exactly where it should be making the hounds work and speak perfectly.


Iona Halliday – Whip


Ben Smith – Whip