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Fox Hunters often say they ride in order to Hunt. With Dragging, we Drag to ride…

Riding with the Drag is a thrilling sport which should not to be confused with Fox Hunting/Trail Hunting. With the Drag, a pack of hounds follows a scent laid by a human rather than pursuing a live quarry. The line is laid over a pre-determined route to take advantage of  the best opportunities for jumping offered by the land crossed. These include all the types of obstacle one might encounter.



The meet starts at 12.30pm and if it is a Lawn Meet drinks will be offered by the host. Before moving off, the Fieldmaster will inform the followers (the ‘Field’) of anything they need to know about the first line.

You should find out who the Fieldmaster is (you should not go in front of this rider). The Hounds will then move off and when they pick up the scent and start to run, the rest of the field follows jumping the fences along the way. At the end of the line, there will be a fifteen minute break to allow the horses and riders to recover before the second line begins. A normal meet has three or four lines covering up to six or more miles but riders can miss out a line if they feel it will be too much for their horses. At the end of the day there will often be tea at the host’s house or in a local pub.



All sorts of horses and ponies come out Dragging. You don’t have to have a fast horse, but you do need one capable of jumping at least 2’9″. Meets vary in the difficulty of the fences offered and it is easy to see from the meet card those which are suitable for novice horses. You should make sure your horse is fit before coming out and put a green ribbon in its tail if it hasn’t been Dragging before so other riders know it is inexperienced. (If you have any concern that your horse might kick, you should always have a red ribbon in its tail.)



A hacking Jacket and tie with buff britches is perfectly correct at any time during the season. Many people wear a black jacket with a white stock but red coats are only worn by hunt officials. As with any cross country riding, you should make sure you wear the best crash hat available and back protectors are advisable.



There are various and flexible ways that you can pay for a days Dragging ranging from a single Full/Day Cap to a year’s Subscription that enable you to be out every time the hounds are.

Please see our Subscriptions & Caps page for further & full details.